Join a nonprofit board of directors

Becoming a member of a nonprofit organization’s board is a meaningful way to put your experience and expertise to work in the nonprofit sector at the governance level to help advance a nonprofit organization’s social impact. It also can be a rewarding, high-impact way that executives can serve the community while learning new skills and can enhance your career.

 The following four workshop tracks offer highly interactive, personalized working groups where you will hone in on your passions, strengths, and align with your goals while serving on a nonprofit board of directors. Each track is focused around specifically where you are in your career and life, therefore you will gain knowledge from the other workshop participants while creating your own Plan of Action for nonprofit board service.

The Four Tracks:

1.     Nonprofit Board Boot Camp

2.     Your First Nonprofit Board as a Millennial

3.     Mid-Career Professionals on Boards

4.     Executive Women on Boards

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